Creative Oklahoma helps you take your ideas to implementation. We help creators turn their ideas into realities and leverage their innovation for education, commerce, and culture

The Oklahoma Entrepreneur Mentoring Program (OK EMP) is based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Venture Mentoring Service (MIT VMS) Model. The OK EMP will connect startup entrepreneurs in Oklahoma with experienced business leaders filling a current gap in Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting small business growth.

The MIT VMS program is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic mentoring approaches in the world, and has been implemented globally in over 70 organizations.  The model offers an unbiased, confidential team-mentoring approach, and will be the first MIT-based mentoring program for entrepreneurs in Oklahoma and the region.


An International Movement with Sir Ken Robinson

Creative Oklahoma is a training and support center for ideation – an incubator for Oklahoma’s visionaries who drive economic growth, enrich our culture, and improve our quality of life. It is a place where people, schools, businesses, and communities can connect to the proper support systems to help their ideas become realities and their creativity to be leveraged for education, commerce and culture.

The Districts of Creativity Network

The Districts of Creativity (DC) Network unites 13 of the most creative and innovative regions around the world. The network is coordinated by Flanders DC and exchanges best practices and experiences in stimulating creativity and innovation. Find out more about the members, the network, and its activities on www.districtsofcreativity.org.

Collaboration and outsourcing are essential in the creative industries. The success of your partnership – temporarily, on a platform or through intermediaries – strongly depends on the equilibrium between all parties. They present seven best practices to collaborate successfully with creative entrepreneurs. Learn more

Expanding Creativity & Improving Businesses


Numerous small towns and cities throughout our state face difficult economic and societal issues that government programs and/or private businesses simply cannot solve. But through the Creative Communities program, our citizens can. Creative Communities fills the support gap, teaching citizens to find creative answers to old problems—using innovation to improve lives. Learn more!


The renowned MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) is coming to Oklahoma as a special new initiative of Creative Oklahoma to expand their educational offerings to further spur creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. Creative Oklahoma is building upon ten years of success as the first statewide initiative in the U.S. to advance creativity and innovation in education, commerce and culture to improve the economy and life quality of its citizens. Learn more!

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Creative Oklahoma, the first nonprofit organization in the United States to develop a statewide strategic framework for advancing creativity and innovation

ReCreating America: Creativity and Learning

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"ReCreating America: Creativity and Learning" explores the importance of creativity in education: how can parents and teachers assist the creative growth

ReCreating America: Reinventing Yourself

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Partnering with InCA Productions, OETA and NETA, this is the second film in a series of documentaries exploring creativity in America:


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Creative Oklahoma has developed specific programs and services to promote understanding of the demand for creativity and innovation in the state and to drive Oklahoma’s economic growth and improve life quality for its citizens. With an organizational structure resembling that of an inverted umbrella, Creative Oklahoma welcomes the connecting spokes of all organizations and individuals interested in promoting imagination, creativity, and innovation through education, commerce and culture in the state of Oklahoma and beyond.