Great Inspirations

The Great Inspirations Award recognizes and publicizes past and current Oklahomans’ creative endeavors, solutions and/or activities as both a stimulus and an example for other corporations, organizations, communities and educational institutions. The award is available to individuals/companies/institutions in Oklahoma. The endeavor/solution/activity submitted must be accessible to the public or can be immediately shared, adopted or adapted by others. The applicant must demonstrate creative applications to an endeavor, solution or activity.


Oklahoma ArtScience Prize

Creative Oklahoma adopted the Oklahoma ArtScience Prize in 2011 to encourage high school student engagement in creative problem solving and aspirational thinking methodologies. The ArtScience Prize was developed by Harvard professor David Edwards as a university level course where art and science students came together in a creative problem solving process to develop innovative solutions, addressing some of the globe’s greatest problems. Dr. Edwards developed the Idea Translation Lab at Harvard for his students’ work. The students also traveled to Paris each summer to work with Dr. Edwards and top European scientists and designers at Le Laboratoire on their innovative ideas. The university student work was so exciting that Dr. Edwards wondered what ideas might be in the minds of younger students. The ArtScience Prize began with Boston public high school students who worked under Dr. Edwards’ direction in teams on the same global issues as the Harvard students. The annual competition allows the team with the best ideas to travel with the Harvard students to Paris for the summer workshop. In 2010 Oklahoma became only the second replication site of the ArtScience Prize, which now boasts international sites in Dublin, Singapore, London, Dubai, Capetown, and Paris. Following two pilot years of the after school program in Oklahoma, Creative Oklahoma sent two winning teams of Oklahoma City high school students to Le Laboratoire to further develop their innovative concepts. In 2012, Oklahoma also developed its own summer Innovation Workshop for students in collaboration with the University of Central Oklahoma for second, third, and fourth runners-up in the competition. In 2013, the global theme of “Synthetic Biology” will be developed by Oklahoma and ArtScience teams around the world with Oklahoma also developing in-school and university based models.


Love’s Creative SPARKS!

Love’s Creative SPARKS! recognizes and awards students with creative ideas who use their imagination to envision a more creative learning environment. These ideas can be put into action in their school community.

There are four cash prizes (One elementary school, one middle school, and one high school prize, and one overall grand prize) that will be awarded to the school and students selected. These cash awards encourage implementation of the student’s ideas, and are to be used to provide seed funding for their project.