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A major 21st century global shift is occurring based on a new ‘ideas economy’ that challenges the 19th century structure of schools and the 20th century structure of major corporations. We are on a mission to make Oklahoma an ideas lab for the rest of the world to consider.

Why is creative education important?
Innovation is crucial to competition and creativity is integral to innovation. US employers rate creativity/innovation among the top five skills that will increase in importance in the years to come. We must develop the creative capacities of our future workforce in order to compete in the creative economy.


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Oklahoma ArtScience Prize

Creative Oklahoma adopted the Oklahoma ArtScience Prize in 2010 as an initiative to encourage high school student engagement in creative problem solving and aspirational thinking methodologies. Learn more





The Creativity School (cSchool) is a teaching cadre of Oklahoma-based academicians and practitioners in creativity and innovation. It presents research-based creativity-focused curricular offerings via an annual pre-Forum day-long “bootcamp” and customized offerings for businesses, educational institutions, and communities requesting assistance with furthering creativity and innovation in their environments. Learn more





Partnership for 21st Century Learning

The Partnership for 21st Century Learning serves as a catalyst to position 21st century readiness at the center of US K-12 education by building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders. Creative Oklahoma brought the P21 network to Oklahoma to give Oklahoma public schools the opportunity to be a part of this growing network of educators, businesses and parents to bring 21st century learning to every student. Learn more



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Backstage Jazz

Backstage Jazz is a non-profit educational public radio documentary series that takes you behind the music and into the lives of America’s top jazz musicians. The mission is to educate and inspire the public about jazz music through interview conversations, to demystify the music, and to entertain listeners with live musical performances.

Emmy award-winning producer Jeremy Gossett features live music recorded at jazz venues across Oklahoma and the surrounding regions. Between each performance, Gossett brings you backstage with candid interviews highlighting each musician.  Over time, these interviews have yielded an impressive archive of more than 100 local and national artists sharing their life stories and insights into the art form of jazz and their interpretation of the genre in their own musical styles. Learn more



Bright Voices Symposium

Universities in the U.S. and around the world were invited to send a delegation of their brightest students majoring in the disciplines of engineering, geosciences and information technology to participate in the Bright Voices Symposium, an adjunct Creativity World Forum event. Learn more


Oklahoma Innovation Index

It is a public measurement of the number and range of opportunities for K-12 students to engage in creative work. In other words, schools will be ranked in the Oklahoma Innovation Index according to the creative environment that they offer their students: schools with a wide range of creative opportunities will rank high; schools with limited creative offerings will rank poorly. Oklahoma is the first state to develop a creativity or innovation index that will guide advancement in educational practice towards incorporation of more creativity and innovation in the classroom. Learn more



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Creative Oklahoma Torrance Center

The Oklahoma Torrance Center for Creativity is a research, service and educational center concerned with identification and development of creative potential. It currently serves as the research branch and Tulsa base of Creative Oklahoma.

Learn more