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Executive Summary

Communities throughout Oklahoma face many economic and societal issues that need innovative solutions – new approaches to old problems that will lead to improved economic growth and quality of life. People and their ideas are Oklahoma’s most important assets and therein is our greatest potential for transformation.

In order for sustainable systemic change in education, commerce, and culture to transpire and for Oklahoma to truly be recognized as the “State of Creativity,” individual citizens at the community level must recognize their creative capacities and be willing to put those talents and ideas forward, in collaboration with others, to “re-create” their communities.

What is the Creative Communities Project?


Creative Oklahoma defines this new project, Oklahoma Creative Communities, as a group of engaged citizens, across all sectors and within a defined geographic region, that come together as a thought leader group with a commitment to a creative problem solving process whereby new ideas, that have value and did not exist before in the community, will be generated and implemented. The defined geographic area can be a municipality, Native American nation, or designated districts within Oklahoma’s two metropolitan cities.


Each community determines priority issues and ideas that will grow the economic base of the community and improve quality of life for all citizens and then works together on the imple- mentation plan. Partnerships, leadership development, and cross-sector collaboration are key elements of each creative community.


The goals of the Oklahoma Creative Communities project are threefold:

  1. To facilitate the generation of new ideas that would contribute to the economic and so- cietal community transformation and develop implementation plans for each significant idea.
  2. To build the creative leadership capacity of each community through schools and local businesses.
  3. To document and highlight stories of individuals and successful projects as case studies to learn from and to bring about state pride.

Shared stories about these communities will be widely promoted to inspire the next generation of Oklahoma entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, and policy-makers.