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Our Belief

Oklahoma communities exemplify creative problem solving and innovative solutions to local challenges. Creative thinkers and problem solvers can learn a great deal from these experiences.

Our Commitment

Creative Oklahoma commits to learning from Creative Communities, sharing the knowledge with other creative problem solvers and bringing in additional resources as needed to support the work of community members.

Our Contribution

Creative Oklahoma will be responsive to the needs of Creative Communities by working diligently to bring in additional resources to support their efforts to take ideas to action. This includes, but is not limited to, a creative problem solving tool, a facilitator, access to requested training and education opportunities, peer learning, venues for sharing experiences, support for grant-seeking and access to additional technical expertise as needed.

Our Vision of Success

The vision of the Oklahoma Creative Communities initiative is to ensure that communities are supported in their efforts to implement local solutions to local challenges, and that available resources outside of the community are responsive to local needs.

Oklahoma Creative Communities

For more information on how to support creativity and innovation in Oklahoma communities, please contact:

Ed Long | 405.922.7580

[email protected]

NEWS – Oklahoma Creative Communities

Guthrie Collaborative’s Elbow Project to connect community

Aug 1, 2017

The recently chartered Guthrie Collaborative hopes to develop a historic and recreational presence in the Elbow District of Guthrie.

The historic Elbow District was built on a flood plain and is not easily accessible. Guthrie officials condemned the area in the mid-70s and nature has overtaken much of the community. There are still remnants of the streets, park and pavilion amongst the dilapidated buildings.

The next meeting to discuss the project will be held Thursday, Aug. 3, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at the Pollard Bed and Breakfast located in downtown Guthrie at 124 W. Harrison Ave.

 “We are trying to find ways to create community identity and a singular sense of place through connections with the arts,” said Lucy Swanson, Guthrie Collaborative member and Executive Director of The Arts in Guthrie (TAG).