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OKArtScience Prize Mentor Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee is an artist and art activist from Oklahoma. He is a founding member of Inclusion in Art and is best known for his efforts towards creating a more racially diverse art community in Oklahoma. Lee is also the co-producer of the groundbreaking film “TRANSCEND” which explores the lives and creative process of five Black artists living and working in Oklahoma. “TRANSCEND” is the first Oklahoma film to focus on the Black creative class in the state and the first to document artists from the Black Visual Arts Movement now being experienced in Oklahoma.


Liz Guerrero Lee


OKArtScience Prize Mentor Liz Guerrero-Lee

Liz Guerrero-Lee is a Community Outreach & Parent Resource  Coordinator at Metro Technology Centers and serves as the Administrative Coordinator for the after school program Oklahoma ArtScience Prize.  Liz works to bring programs and services to our diverse Oklahoma community that helps individuals and families thrive and learn.  Working with partners within the community she builds creative and innovative workshops, conferences and afterschool programs that impact youth and their families.  She has been involved with ArtScience Prize in a variety of ways since 2012 as a mentor, a chaperone and now as the program coordinator.

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