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Mentors are the lifeblood of our organization.

When experienced individuals take time, to sit down with an entrepreneur, imparting their knowledge and network, it often proves invaluable in both lessons learned and time and money saved.

The benefits you will find from mentoring:

  • Meet inspiring entrepreneurs
  • Hear about and assist exciting innovations
  • Learn from fellow mentors and the entrepreneurs

If interested in getting involved, see below for mentor description:

GatewayVMS Volunteer Mentor Position Description

Position Title: Creative Oklahoma Mentor

Position Reports To: Creative Oklahoma Operations Manager

Hours: Equivalent of 1 day per month (or 8 hours); may exceed depending on mentee need and availability

Position Overview

Creative Oklahoma seeks individuals who are willing to volunteer their time and who are passionate about mentoring early-stage entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey, to advise and guide, to accelerate their growth, and to provide an ongoing educational relationship.

Currently seeking mentors with expertise in the following areas: Marketing, Strategic Communications, Accounting, Insurance, Maintenance, Healthcare, Food Distribution and Manufacturing, Business plan writing, Legal, Non-profit Management, and Business Development. However, anyone interested in mentoring are encouraged to apply to be a mentor as well.


  • Be open and honest
  • Provide sound advice and feedback
  • Be able to share contacts and connections
  • Keep confidential all business information learned in the course of mentoring
  • Dedicate at least the equivalent of 1-2 days per month
  • Have fun!


  • Must be a current or former Founder, Owner, Principal, Executive, or Senior Officer of a company or business
  • Have at least 2-3 years of experience successfully operating a company or business; and/or have expertise in a requested area
  • Enthusiasm for program
  • No personal agenda
  • Ability to volunteer time to participate
  • Have a passion for mentoring early-stage entrepreneurs and giving back
  • Ability to advise and coach
  • Active listening skills
  • Comfortable with team-based mentoring
  • Ability to ensure a conflict-free, trusted environment for the entrepreneur