Monday April 9th, 2018 | 6-9PM


Cocktail Attire

Thank you to all of our sponsors and guests that have made this event a true success!

2018 Inductees

2018 Committee

Charles L. Oppenheim, Co-Chair
Mary Blankenship Pointer, Co-Chair
Sandy Meyers
Susan McCalmont
Richard Ogden
Mark Parker
Edie Roodman
Cindy Scarberry
Paul Sechrist
Amber Sharples
Tava Sofsky
Gena Timberman

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Some of last year’s videos

 “To me, creativity is really where the foundation of everything that’s about civilization resides. It’s essential to the vitality of any culture”

Rick Bayless – Chef, restaurateur & author

“The most creative bone that I have, I believe, is pulling people together for a shared vision and a common goal to achieve a better, greater Choctaw, a better Oklahoma.”

Chief Gary Batton – Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

“I think that we succeed because we have partnerships. You know, we work together, it is not done by just one person, it is done by a group of us. You know, we are all a piece in the puzzle and that’s what I think creativity is about, is that you have to be a piece of the puzzle and put it all together to make it work.”

Harvey Pratt – Forensic artist

“I get asked a lot about and my time in Oklahoma and if I miss being a sportscaster and I am very quick to answer: it’s the people, I miss the people. That’s what make a place.” 

Chris Harrison – TV Host | The Bachelor

“So don’t you think it’s time to have on our automobile license plates, instead of just having Explore Oklahoma, why don’t we have Explore Oklahoma! with an exclamation point! Or better yet, Explore Creative Oklahoma!”  

Robert Hefner III – Petroleum geologist, Author & Philanthropist

“With the Thunder, obviously we play basketball and our goal is to win every game that we play but we stand for more than that. And if I were to tell you there is one thing we really stand for: it is creating. In a place like Oklahoma City, what we really trying to aiming to do it is to create memories. Create memories for everybody that comes in contact with the Thunder. […] And for us and everybody that works with the Thunder, they inspire me everyday to think a little longer and walk a little bit further because, all of us together, are trying to create something and hopefully become memories for you.”

Sam Presti – General Manager of the NBA Thunder

Some of last year’s event pictures