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Article from NewsOK – Entrepreneurship in Government: Creating New Possibilities

By Chad Mullen and Ed Long Even in times of economic prosperity, state agencies in Oklahoma may not have the resources to develop and launch innovative tools for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and program administration. For the full article click here:   You may leave your comment below or email Ed

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Creating Oklahoma’s Future

Another amazing blog post from our collaborator, Ed Long. "By coming together to launch innovative solutions in communities across the state, we can avoid larger challenges in the future and build a stronger state today for all Oklahomans." Ain't that right?! Happy reading! Ed Long [email protected] Entrepreneurial leaders anticipate challenges and opportunities ahead of their

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More is Possible. Expect it.

I again want to thank Mr. Ed Long for his contribution and hard work in creativity.  This guy gets it!  His article is a must read, providing solutions when everyone else says it can't be done. Ed Long In this series on social innovation and creative problem-solving, it’s been said that more is possible

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Our Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I am thrilled to welcome back Mr. Ed Long from Cross Sector Innovations.   This is a must read.  Together, we can accomplish more. - Best Regards, Dave   How well are we working together to improve outcomes in Oklahoma? There is significant room for improvement. Greater investment in a collective impact approach would enhance

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Entrepreneurship in Government: Creating New Possibilities

What if we treated our government just like we do our new entrepreneurial venture?  As part of Ed's series with Creative Oklahoma he and Chad Mullen make a strong case for looking at government differently.  I must say this is innovation at its best.  Please enjoy this article and feel free to reach out to

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Finding a Way to Yes – The Power of Creativity and Innovation

I had the opportunity to listen to an amazing individual last night.  Her name is Jill Castilla.  She discussed the challenges of growing up in a midwestern small town and the winding path that led to her current success.  Jill battled her way through her first two years of college before finally enlisting in the

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Is Your Organization Limited by “Good Enough”?

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Creative Oklahoma.   Now here’s a question for you.  Have you had the same Thanksgiving routine for a number of years?   Just like families, well-established companies struggle with innovation every day.  It is so easy to get in a rut especially when things are running well.

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Collective Intelligence

I am proud to introduce Mr. Ed Long from Cross Sector Innovations.  He is an amazing leader and connector for Oklahoma.  Ed understands transformational leadership and what it takes to truly make a difference.  The article below is part of a continuing series on Creativity, Innovation and Connection.   Innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit are

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