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The Startup Squad

By Stephanie Gardner, OCC Durant “When my circle got smaller, my vision got clearer.” For aspiring entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of how-to books or small business seminars from which to learn the mainstream steps to success. A simple Google search will return nearly a million results. In Durant alone, we have at least six

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When It’s a Good Thing to Burst Your Bubble

By Lucy Swanson, OCC Guthrie As a community, we are constantly engaged in the creative process of finding new, more effective ways to serve the wonderful people that inhabit Guthrie. It isn’t an easy process. It isn’t simple either. It is a journey. And it is an adventure. Finding our way to building our community

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Creative Communities: A State of Mind

By Loran Mayes, OCC - Altus Oklahoma Creative Communities is more than meets the eye. Is it a program? Is it a project? Is it an event?  Well, here in Altus it has become a state of mind. Not only did they come in and take our “but that’s just how we do it” statements

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Locust Grove: The Wonder City

By Shaun Perkins, OCC Locust Grove   Named for a tree whose blossoms have a beautiful smell, Home to great artists, Willard Stone and Bill Glass to name a few, Locust Grove is a small community that we think is swell, A place for tradition and innovation, the old and the new.   The Wonder

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Enid Ecology of Talent, A Creative Communities Initiative

By Traci Layton, OCC Enid   Ecology:  the totality or pattern of relations between organisms and their environment Talent:  people with skills, knowledge, cognitive abilities, and the potential to do well as workforce Enid Ecology of Talent is a method of bringing together organizations and the teens of our community by using technology to demonstrate

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Opening New Doors

By Chelsea McConnell, OCC Ponca City “Old ways won’t open new doors.” I’m not sure who said this originally but when I came across this quote, I immediately identified with the point it makes. Much of the creativity we enjoy at Ponca City Main Street (PCMS) is centered on creative problem solving, finding new ways to

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Changing the Outcome of the Game

By Ed Long - Creative Oklahoma & Cross Sector Innovations   At an event hosted recently by Creative Oklahoma, I listened to Thunder general manager Sam Presti, a newly appointed Oklahoma Creativity Ambassador, talk about the creativity that takes place on the basketball court. Men and women are given a ball and have to create something.

Philanthropreneurship | How The Creative Democracy Can Transform Communities

By Susan McCalmont In a growing world of complexity and change, we are all being challenged to imagine new solutions for the collective problems facing us, and even develop new definitions for what it means to be part of a civil society where civic discourse is encouraged and celebrated. A global shift is making space

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Article from NewsOK | Point of View: New perspectives can help Oklahomans with intellectual, developmental disabilities

By Wanda Felty and Ed Long   Social innovation requires that we not only look for new solutions to problems, but that we also look at the problem through multiple lenses. A new lens for viewing social challenges can offer insight into new, complementary solutions. The challenges faced by Oklahomans with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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