The renowned MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) is coming to Oklahoma as a special new initiative of Creative Oklahoma to expand their educational offerings to further spur creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the state.  Creative Oklahoma is building upon ten years of success as the first statewide initiative in the U.S. to advance creativity and innovation in education, commerce and culture to improve the economy and life quality of its citizens.  

The Creativity School (cSchool) is a teaching cadre of Oklahoma-based academicians and practitioners in creativity and innovation. It presents research-based creativity-focused curricular offerings via an annual pre-Forum day-long “bootcamp” and customized offerings for businesses, educational institutions, and communities requesting assistance with furthering creativity and innovation in their environments.

The “Innovation Series” is a new initiative of Creative Oklahoma that invites nationally and internationally recognized business leaders to share their insights on using creativity and innovation to meet challenges facing businesses in the 21st century.

Creative Oklahoma is on a mission to build bridges, connect the pieces and help Oklahomans bring their ideas to implementation.  We all have ideas and we are all creative, but in many instances we don’t know how to understand what is the difference between a great idea that will grow into a profitable business and a great idea that won’t.  Where do you go?  What does it take?  How do you start or who can answer questions?