The Creative Communities Project

Numerous small towns and cities throughout our state face difficult economic and societal issues that government programs and/or private businesses simply cannot solve. But through the Creative Communities program, our citizens can.  Creative Communities fills the support gap, teaching citizens to find creative answers to old problems—using innovation to improve lives.

The goals of the Oklahoma Creative Communities project are threefold:

  1. To facilitate the generation of new ideas that would contribute to the economic and so- cietal community transformation and develop implementation plans for each significant idea.
  2. To build the creative leadership capacity of each community through schools and local businesses.
  3. To document and highlight stories of individuals and successful projects as case studies to learn from and to bring about state pride.

Shared stories about these communities will be widely promoted to inspire the next generation of Oklahoma entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, and policy-makers.

Great Inspirations Award

The Great Inspirations Award recognizes and publicizes the past and current Oklahomans’ creative endeavors, solutions and/or activities as both a stimulus and an example for other corporations, organizations, communities and educational institutions. The award is available to individuals/companies/institutions in Oklahoma. The endeavor/solution/activity submitted must be accessible to the public or can be immediately shared, adopted or adapted by others. The applicant must demonstrate creative applications to an endeavor, solution or activity.


Cultural Incubation

Backstage Jazz takes you behind the music and into the lives of America’s top jazz musicians. Coming to you via public radio, the program features a mix of live music recorded at jazz venues across Oklahoma and surrounding regions, combined with fresh new album releases. Between each performance, Emmy award-winning producer, creator, and host Jeremy Gossett brings you backstage with candid interviews, featuring local and national jazz artists in which they’ll share life stories and insights into their music.The first interviews and performances were recorded at the University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Lab in Edmond with Miss Brown to You and Michael Summers. Soon thereafter, Gossett was covering Maynard Ferguson’s band members at the Grand Opening of the Sherman Jazz Museum in Texas. 

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The PechaKucha Nights model of holding concise presentations in bars, restaurants, living rooms, and accessible community spaces was launched in Tokyo by designers and architects 11 years ago. The concept is popular; many Oklahoma City presentation events and conference sessions have followed PechaKucha’s 20 images x 20 slides format. Our goal for each PechaKucha OKC Night is to provide an opportunity for local passionate, motivated and creative individuals to share their current projects and longtime interests and for event attendees to learn about how they can engage with ongoing initiatives, adopt new hobbies, or join dedicated community groups. Above all, we aim for each forum to act as an all-inclusive and approachable forum for Oklahoma City residents and visitors.

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