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Map of the DC Network Regions: Tampere, Finland; Shanghai, P.R. China; Scotland, United Kingdom; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Rhône-Alpes, France; Oklahoma, USA; Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands; Lombardia, Italy; Karnataka, India; Flanders, Belgium; Central-Denmark, Denmark; Catalonia, Spain; Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Districts of Creativity

A Worldwide Initiative

In 2007 Oklahoma was acknowledged as an official “District of Creativity” and received into the 12-member international network of creative districts based in Flanders, Belgium.  The DC Network offers participation in a robust network of economic development, education, and cultural leaders from around the world with annual regional study missions, the Creativity World Forum, a shared website, and collaborative opportunities between regions.  Oklahoma hosted the 2010 Creativity World Forum which was the largest to date with over 2600 attendees from 38 states and 18 countries.  Oklahoma is currently the only North American district of creativity represented in the DC Network.  The 2012 Creativity World Forum was held in Rio de Janiero with an Oklahoma delegation attending the Forum and Oklahoma artists participating in the second DC Network Biennale (begun by Oklahoma in 2010), Oklahoma speakers participating as conference presenters, and an Oklahoma exhibition of creative businesses and endeavors at the exposition. 

Founded in 2004, the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network unites 12 of the most creative and innovative regions around the world, with Oklahoma as the only representative district in North America. Our international orientation makes us a unique network of regions that put creativity and innovation high on our agendas. We believe that cross-border collaborations contribute to advance a creative and entrepreneurial culture. Therefore the DC Network was formed to foster the exchange of the best practices and experiences in business, culture and education.

From the USA to China and Scotland to India, the Districts of Creativity Network spans the globe and continues to grow. Current members include: Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Catalonia (Spain), Central Denmark (Denmark), Flanders (Belgium), Karnataka (India), Lombardia (Italy), Oklahoma (USA), Nord-Pas de Calais (France), Qingdao (P.R. China), Rhône-Alpes (France), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Scotland (United Kingdom), Shanghai (P.R. China) and Tampere (Finland).


Districts of Creativity

Creativity World Forum, the annual gathering of the DC Network

One of the primary collaborative projects of the Network, the annual Creativity World Forum, brings together government leaders, entrepreneurs, and knowledge institutions from the DC regions to exchange ideas about how to tackle economic challenges and make their regions hotbeds for innovation and creativity.  Ingredients include business, education and social networking and have featured inspiring speakers like John Cleese, Malcolm Gladwell, Steve Wozniak, Sir Ken Robinson and Tom Kelley.

1st DC conference in Flanders, Belgium 2004
2nd DC conference in Maryland, USA 2005
3rd DC conference in Flanders, Belgium 2006
4th DC conference in Qingdao, China 2007
5th DC conference in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium 2008
6th DC conference in Baden–Württemberg, Germany 2009
7th DC conference in Oklahoma, USA 2010
8th DC conference in Flanders, Belgium 2011
9th DC Conference in Rio de Janiero, Brazil 2012
10th DC Conference in Tampere, Finland 2013
11th DC Conference in Kortrijk, Belgium 2014 
12th DC Conference in Oklahoma, USA 2015 


DC Network’s Reverse Mission


What is it ?

Annually, each district of the Districts of Creativity Network sends delegates to attend a “Reverse Mission” at the host district, with the mission being to discover how innovation and entrepreneurial creativity helped shape the district.

As the DC Network website defines the Reverse Mission : leading public servants, policy makers and experts from the Districts of Creativity regions gather to explore a host region during a three day program that provides insights into the way the hosting region fosters creativity and innovation. Business meetings, site visits, presentations and workshops are worked out with the aim to bring inspiration, best practices and loads of useful contacts that can be translated to the other DC regions.

In 2015

Oklahoma City hosted 2015’s fact-finding Reverse Mission for the Districts of Creativity. Kiplinger put Oklahoma City on its ‘Great Cities for Starting a Business list’ and Forbes is keeping an eye on the city when it comes to start-ups and innovation. It’s certainly no coincidence that this region is a member of the Districts of Creativity Network.

From March 26 until 28, Oklahoma provided the opportunity for its international guests to meet the organizations and key players in this booming region that hosted the 2015 Creativity World Forum only a few days later, on March 31!

Oklahoma City was honored to prepare such a one of a kind itinerary for its international guests.



For more information please visit the Districts of Creativity Website.