Changing Education Paradigms

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P21’s mission is to serve as catalyst for 21st century learning to build collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders so that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.

OKA+ provides schools with ongoing professional development, an intricate network of support, and an active research component. We coach schools through a process to create an educational environment that gets kids excited about learning and produces better achievement.

Oklahoma’s Creativity Think Tank–promoting a statewide creative renaissance through lectures, professional development, research and advocacy.

The Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development is a service, research, and instructional center concerned with the identification and development of creative potential. Such as problem solving, innovation, future oriented thinking and lifelong learning.

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Recreating America

Sponsored by Creative Oklahoma “ReCreating America: Creativity and Learning” explores the importance of creativity in education: how can parents and teachers assist the creative growth of children, and what do they often do to stifle it? “When we’re six or seven years old,” Picasso once said in old age, “we’re all artists. It’s what happens in school and at home that determines who remains an artist.”

The film takes the State of Oklahoma as a test-bed, and visits four schools (across the age range) to assess the ways in which they are attempting to teach and promote creativity.

The program asks teachers, parents and national experts: what appear to be the most effective ways to promote creativity, while still teaching the three Rs and even improving test scores?

Education Start-ups

Engage Learning is an exciting new project-based learning experience for middle school students in central Oklahoma!

Students will work with experts, educators, and each other to design and create items that will have a lasting impact on their community.

AKERA is a club made up of motivated parents & working professionals who are interested n teaching children how to apply craftsmanship, authentic learning, citizenship & community

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