I had the opportunity to listen to an amazing individual last night.  Her name is Jill Castilla.  She discussed the challenges of growing up in a midwestern small town and the winding path that led to her current success.  Jill battled her way through her first two years of college before finally enlisting in the army and eventually joining the National Guard to complete her education.  Throughout her life Jill was faced with numerous challenges that would make many of us curl up on the floor and quit.  But not Jill, she continually turned weaknesses into strengths and found opportunity where others only saw challenges.  She is now the CEO of one of the country’s most successful Community Banks.

As I sat there and listened, I realized something very important.  A creative and innovative mindset drives success.  There are millions of books out there about the habits of truly successful people.  They tell you to start your day early, eat healthy, workout, block two hours of alone time or batch your work, but what they don’t tell you is that none of this matters if you are not creative and innovative.  A successful business’s sole function is to identify a need or problem and provide a  solution.  While all of these other things lead to a healthy and efficient life, they don’t solve a problem, they don’t make your more innovative and they certainly don’t drive creativity.  

The key to success is simple: find a way to yes.  We live in a world where everyone tells you how you can’t do this or that is impossible.  Successful people find a way to yes and they leverage creativity to do it.  While many are limited by rules, others use the rules to their advantage.  What’s the difference between these two groups?  Successful people work to find a way to yes leveraging creativity and innovation.

Have a great week!