Love’s Creative SPARKS! Recipients 2012


McKeeley Moore, Elementary Level
McKeeley is from Angie Debow Elementary School in Edmond. In her project “Recycled Art” McKeeley suggests students pick up trash and recyclables around their elementary school and turn them into works of art. These art pieces would act as reminders of students’ creative potential and encourage them to think outside the box in their classroom and their community.

Vanessa Rodriguez, Middle School Level
Vanessa Rodriguez is from Astec Charter Middle School in Edmond. Her project entitled “No More 8th Grade PDA” is a simple idea for all those students at Astec Charter to take a vow to keep their courtyard clean and safe. Vanessa drew up a “Constitution of the Courtyard” for her schoolmates to sign that forbids fighting, bullying, littering and cursing in the courtyard.

Minh Ton, High School Level
Minh Ton is from Astec Charter High School in Oklahoma City. His project “Music and Learning” would incorporate music, mostly instrumental scores, into the background of classroom lessons. This would provide dramatic effect and evoke emotion in the students to heighten the impact of their studies. Students would be able to acquire approved music for use in the classroom from a school music library.

Alma Marquez, Grand Prize
Alma Marquez is from Astec Charter High School in Oklahoma City. Alma’s idea “Microscopes” was spawned by a need for more visual and kinetic ways of learning in the classroom. Alma would use the grant money to purchase two expensive microscopes for teachers and inexpensive microscopes for students to use for learning.