Love’s Creative SPARKS! Recipients 2013


Channing Hill & Amy Meta, Elementary Level

Channing and Amy are from Clegern Elementary in Edmond, Oklahoma. They submitted a proposal detailing their idea for a school-wide math carnival. The carnival would give students the opportunity to show off their math skills to their parents and teachers in a variety of ways. Channing and Amy envision a stage play that utilizes math facts and student performances of math themed songs.

Mark Wendleboe, Middle School Level
Mark is from Oakdale middle school in Edmond, Oklahoma. His proposal for an Oakdale Peer Tutoring Program is based off the premise that students are more likely to ask their peers for help than a parent or a teacher. Peers are better suited because they are at the same age level as the struggling student and can use more familiar examples to elaborate on shared lessons. Only students with 90% or above would be eligible to become a tutor.

Baylee Lakey, High School Level
Baylee attends Sayre High School and lives in Sayre, Oklahoma. Baylee states that “Students learn in a number of ways. However, the traditional classroom setting and the time constraints of a traditional class block can limit what is done in the classroom. By rethinking classes and allowing students to take charge of their education, students would have more freedom in choosing how to show what they have learned. One way schools can allow creativity to flourish is by offering courses in a different format during the summer.” Her proposal takes this nontraditional learning perspective and applies it to a single required course: Oklahoma History.