Love’s Creative SPARKS! Recipients 2014-2015




Creativity, defined as the “generation of ideas that have value,” is a basic human capacity that we all possess. New, creative ideas are needed to resolve some of our most pressing societal issues. Creative Oklahoma is challenging Oklahoma students of all ages to offer their ideas for solutions to problems they see within their classrooms, schools, and community environments. The students with ideas that are determined to be the most innovative will receive cash awards, the Creative SPARKS! awards, that will serve as seed funds to implement their ideas.

The Creative SPARKS! awards were presented to students and their teachers at the 2015 Creativity World Forum March 31, 2015 at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City. The theme of the Forum and the Awards program was All Our Futures: Ideas That Matter. Creative Oklahoma encourages the creative development of students throughout their lives and within all disciplines. Creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration are all important skills needed in life, and are increasingly vital to the emerging Oklahoma workforce.


Christine Lee
Highland East Junior High (Moore)
Teacher sponsor: Juli Gatlin

Christine’s idea for improving her learning environment is to create a Career Day for all students at Highland East Junior High School. Students would attend presentations by college representatives and community professionals. The day would give them the opportunity to learn about different occupations, since choosing an occupation for the rest of one’s life can sometimes be overwhelming.


Olivia Williams and Sydney Freeny
Clegern Elementary (Edmond)
Teacher sponsor: Diane Clarke

Olivia and Sydney’s idea for improving her school is to have a day dedicated to doing good work in the community, with each grade assigned a different area. First grade and kindergarten could go to a food bank, second and third could go to a local neighborhood and pick up trash to recycle, and fourth and fifth could bring old clothes from home for donating to charity. Other Edmond schools would be invited to participate.


Taylor Broadbent
Highland East Junior High (Oklahoma City)
Teacher sponsor: Juli Gatlin

Taylor’s idea to improve her learning environment is to create a club that informs students about political issues and how they affect them. It would improve the environment by making students aware of what is going on in the world around them. Students will write and film stories one day a week that will inform other students about current political issues, with the articles distributed to students and posted on social media. The program will improve students’ ability to reason and form their own opinions.


Kalyn Glover
Choctaw High School (Midwest City)
Sponsor: Stacie Glover

Kayln’s idea involves improving our communities by tackling mental illness. With students and adults dealing with worry and stress, coming together within our communities to support each other would get a lot accomplished. Carnivals, festivals and other events would encourage people to enjoy life. Kayln is planning an all ages event that will raise awareness of mental health issues, believing that if people are mentally healthy, they will be able to work harder and more efficiently.