Since its inception in 2006, Creative Oklahoma has fostered conversations with other states and regions in the United States and Canada who demonstrated interest in developing their own regional creativity initiatives. Representatives from several states and statewide and national organizations began meeting with Creative Oklahoma representatives and Sir Ken Robinson, as Oklahoma’s national advisor. In 2009, the conversations became more strategic with the development of a separate nonprofit organization for the emerging group, the National Creativity Network.

The National Creativity Network connects statewide and regional strategic organizations and emerging creativity efforts to share best practice, develop collaborative programs and research initiatives, and to educate the general public about the importance of imagination, creativity, and innovation in education, commerce, and culture sectors. Creative Oklahoma assists the Network with communications, gatherings, and a monthly creativity webinar presented by experts in the field. The Network has a nationally representative board and is incorporated in Oklahoma. 

Creative Oklahoma served as a catalyst and founding member to help establish the National Creativity Network (NCN). The NCN believes that by fostering creativity in our society as a whole, and specifically with future generations, America can remain a leader in innovation and free enterprise. The very future of our communities and institutions depends on our ability to nurture and harness imagination to creatively solve problems. If creativity is to be nurtured, systems, institutions and networks must be transformed.

The opportunities that emerge to transform our nation are largely dependent upon the degree to which we are connected to each other. Our connection will become a catalyst to:

  • enhance the flow of relevant information
  • improve the ease with which key nodes of creativity, be they in the domains of Education, Commerce, Culture or across disciplines, can gain access to the best thinking, best questions, and most successful practices as well as other resources their ventures may require

Our strategy is to engage thought leaders across the United States to create a powerful network for transformation.

The NCN hosts meetings of the network throughout the US and annually in conjunction with the Oklahoma Creativity Forum.  The NCN also organizes and hosts monthly webinars presented by creativity and innovation experts in education, commerce, and culture.

To learn more please visit the National Creativity Network website.