Creative Oklahoma works to include the state of Oklahoma in a wide and broad variety of creative networks in order to help foster creativity and innovation practices across the state.


Oklahoma Creative Communities

Oklahoma Creative Communities will foster, encourage and highlight the creativity of communities who solve local issues with new ideas and innovation which advance their local economy and life quality. Learn more


Districts of Creativity Network

In 2007 Oklahoma was acknowledged as an official “District of Creativity” and accepted into the 14 member international network of creative districts based in Flanders, Belgium. Learn more

Creative Fair Play

Collaboration and outsourcing are essential in the creative industries. The success of your partnership – temporarily, on a platform or through intermediaries – strongly depends on the equilibrium between all parties. We present seven best practices to collaborate successfully with creative entrepreneurs. Learn more


National Creativity Network

Creative Oklahoma has fostered conversations with over fifteen other states and regions in the United States and Canada who demonstrated interest in developing their own regional creativity initiatives. Learn more