The Oklahoma Entrepreneur Mentoring Program (OK EMP) is based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Venture Mentoring Service (MIT VMS) Model. The OK EMP will connect startup entrepreneurs in Oklahoma with experienced business leaders filling a current gap in Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting small business growth.

The MIT VMS program is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic mentoring approaches in the world, and has been implemented globally in over 70 organizations.  The model offers an unbiased, confidential team-mentoring approach, and will be the first MIT-based mentoring program for entrepreneurs in Oklahoma and the region.

For more information about the program or for any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 405.232.5570.

Meet our 2019 Mentees

ACTOVOS | Daniel France

ittybam, an Oklahoma City-based tech consulting company, has created a new product called ACTOVOS that is poised to revolutionize the way child welfare specialists connect with potential foster parents. The CEO, Daniel France, is on a mission to make these communications exponentially faster, freeing up time for busy child advocates on both ends of the application. This new platform with web and mobile capabilities streamlines the process of connecting foster parents with children in need. It expedites placement requests and simplifies many time-consuming manual processes.

ITOT | Rick Stiles

ITOT’s technology arrests the number of unintentional gun-related deaths and injuries. Born out of a desire to “do something,” Rick Stiles developed a biometric trigger lock for handguns that is easy to use and quickly removed in emergency situations. ITOT’s fully functional prototype has been widely praised within the gun industry and has seen substantial interest from both gun owners and law enforcement. An unlocked gun in the hands of a child is a sobering visual that ITOT seeks to erase.

MIMOSA HEALTH | Trang Nguyen

According to the Oklahoma State Health Department, 79% of 3900 unintentional poisoning deaths in Oklahoma involved a medication. Mimosa Health provides expert advice on the proper use of medications to older adults in the community, reducing seniors medication-related problems and improving their quality of life. Dr. Nguyen’s Mimosa Health seeks to reduce the number of medication poisoning deaths and bend the healthcare cost curve downward by ensuring seniors and their physicians are aware of the potential risks of stacked prescription medicines.

QADOSH | Travis Hartfield

Qadosh Health and Wellness Experience seeks to address the emotional needs of professionals in the state of Oklahoma and around the world. By proactively addressing the negative effects from occupational burnout, Qadosh effectively impacts the retention of employees and the potential productivity losses brought about. Professionals engaging with Qadosh would feel encouraged, engaged, and empowered translating to a professional engaged with their profession, their family, and the greater community in which they live.

WEATHERDEEP | Dr. Ashton Cook

WeatherDeep seeks to provide extended‐range forecasts for severe and extreme weather for military and commercial applications. Dr. Cook’s technology saves lives while improving armed forces readiness and deployment capabilities. Currently, the technology for such extended range forecasts of severe weather and tropical cyclone landfalls is under review by the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense.