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About The Oklahoma ArtScience Prize

The Oklahoma ArtScience Prize is a year-long after school program through which Oklahoma City inner-city high school students are challenged to develop innovative design ideas infused with concepts at the forefront of modern science. The program aims to provide opportunities to transform the lives of inner-city teens.

Creative Oklahoma adopted the Oklahoma ArtScience Prize in 2010 as a way to encourage high school students to engage in creative problem-solving and aspirational thinking methodologies, becoming the second replication site of the ArtScience Prize, which now boasts international sites in Dublin, Singapore, London, Dubai, Capetown and Paris.

In 2012, Oklahoma also developed its own summer Innovation Workshop for students in collaboration with the University of Central Oklahoma for the second, third, and fourth runners-up in the competition.

Since 2014, Oklahoma ArtScience Prize is a program of Creative Oklahoma in collaboration with Metro Tech Career Academy and Inclusion in Art.




This year’s ArtScience Prize theme is Man Made Machines.


Framing Language

Civilization has for thousands of years advanced with human technological innovation. At the core of this innovation is the idea of the machine: a human-designed system that receives inputs from the natural environment to produce useful work or outcomes. Early machines such as the abacus or the Gutenberg printer revolutionized how we thought, though they did not heavily affect our daily lives.

Over the last century, and especially over the last decade, machines have become central to our globally-connected, fast-paced aspirations. We depend on almost ceaseless contact with machines: smartphones, laptops, televisions, cars and many more. What will the future bring? Will machines move us further away from the natural world? When Leonardo da Vinci imagined machines, he dreamed that they would expand the human condition. 

This year’s ArtScience Prize invites young people from around the world to explore new ideas that enhance our quality of life in ways that could not have been imagined even 15 years ago. Perhaps one might invent a machine we cannot see, which helps us see better; a machine related to food which helps to feed the planet; a machine that improves our empathetic relationship to those around us. We invite scientists, artists, designers, and young people around the globe to dream up new types of machines that could help us return to the natural world, excited and empowered.

2015-2016 Mentor & Specialists


Derrick Sier, Mentor for the ArtSciencePrize 2015-2016

Derrick Sier has a pool of experience that spans community, corporate, non-profit, religious and collegiate fields. He has spent the last 15 years developing a unique way to fuse his wealth of experience in recreation with his unmatched passion to help teams work better together. It was through this fusion that One Mind One Spirit (OMOS) Teambuilding was born.

Derrick’s background includes workshop development, producing city-wide projects and dynamic presentations at conferences, community events, and in the classroom. He has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology: recreation management and a master’s degree in theological studies. This broad experience has equipped Derrick to successfully address the dynamics of any group and meet their organizational needs.

It is through his out-of-the-box approach that Derrick transforms spaces into team construction zones. Derrick captures the attention of any group with energy and creativity. His contemporary approach empowers teams and organizations to reach their full potential, all while having fun.


Our goal is to show as much as different perceptive, vision and knowledge to our students. We have a busy schedule and wonderful specialists all year long to help the innovative thinking of our students.


January 19th – Dillon Kang

Dillon Kang graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in chemical engineering in 2014. He currently works for Chevron Phillips Chemical Company as a Film and Coating Technical Service Engineer. When he’s not working, he is heavily involved with community service ranging from using his background to mentor the youth through programs such as Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters to helping improve scenery by serving on a local parks and recreation board.


 2015-2016 Cambridge


In May, a panel of judges conducts local selection of the top team idea at the University of Central Oklahoma. The winning team travels to Cambridge, Massachusetts in July to work at Le Laboratoire Cambridge  to further develop their project with ArtScience Prize founder and Harvard professor Dr. David Edwards.  They also compete with other winning teams from all over the world.

We have struggled with funding challenges this year, and have been wrestling with ways to stretch the budget to still be able to send the winning team to Cambridge!  

With all the challenges that the world is facing, encouraging our youth to cultivate a spirit of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship is so important.

Please help Creative Oklahoma in our efforts to transform the lives of these youths and consider a donation to this campaign to help!  Any amount is appreciated!*

Our 2016 students: 

Odan Delgado                        Priscila Guillen
Isaiah Johnson                       Case Pirrong
Syndney Sierra                       Cleo Bell
Veronica Hernandez



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2014-2015 ArtScience Prize Announcement

The 2014-2015 Oklahoma ArtScience Prize is a program of Creative Oklahoma in collaboration with Metro Tech Career Academy and Inclusion in Art. The program is sponsored by the Anschutz Foundation. The 2014-2015 theme was Biodiversity.

All of our ArtScience Prize students have done a wonderful job imagining, creating and executing their Biodiversity projects. On May 19 we were excited to announce that Team BioBlue (pictured above) was the winner of the Oklahoma ArtScience Prize 2015 with their design for a specialized chair resembling the structure and functionality of a fish fin that will help individuals with injuries or disabilities not only sit, but stand with ease.

Team BioBlue will travel to Le Laboratoire in Cambridge, Massachusetts in July for a week-long innovation lab to further develop their project with ArtScience Prize founder and Harvard professor Dr. David Edwards, Harvard and MIT students, and other ArtScience teams from around the world.


Annual Innovation Workshop

Dr. David Edwards annually invites the winning ArtScience Prize teams from around the globe to join he and his Harvard students for an intensive learning an presentation experience sharing their “seed ideas” on the same global theme. The annual workshop, usually held in Paris, France, was held at Dr. Edwards’ Le Laboratoire in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Le Laboratoire is the working laboratory and exhibition space of Dr. Edwards’.

July 12-17, Team BioBlue (pictured above) worked with design, presentation, public speaking and prototype construction experts to further the initial design ideas they had developed during the school year. Through keynote speakers and professional mentorship, our Oklahoma ArtScience Prize students learned to adjust to a new fast-paced, demanding learning culture, work efficiently as a team and with defined purpose. They also gained a deeper understanding of how innovator/inventor teams collaborate and experienced some real-world work situations they may face as they proceed with their project prototype development.

The team has filed a patent on their design concept with assistance from attorneys at Dunlap-Codding in Oklahoma City, and are currently developing a business plan and website to further their project’s visibility and partnership opportunities.

About The ArtScience Prize

The ArtScience Prize was developed by Dr. David Edwards as a university level course where art and science students came together in a creative problem-solving process to develop innovative solutions, addressing some of the globe’s greatest problems. The university student work was so exciting that Dr. Edwards wondered what ideas might be in the minds of younger students. The ArtScience Prize began with Boston public high school students who worked under Dr. Edwards’ direction in teams on global issues.

Now, ArtScience Prizes around the globe engage students in the arts, design, sciences, and idea development to cultivate creativity and the ability to realize innovative project ideas generated in the classroom. Student projects focus on concepts in the arts and design fused with cutting-edge areas of study in the sciences. These project concepts start as “seed ideas” proposed by artists, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs that evolve into collaborative classes led by skilled adult Program Mentors into innovative project ideas.

Click here to learn more about the ArtScience Prize.


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